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About Us

Wenzhou sunshine appliance repair center is specialized in household appliance repairing service centre, all employees undergo professional training, experience and technical skills. Wenzhou Czech fast appliances maintenance center, in exquisite of skills, and integrity of service, and develop market, entity in the development, Wenzhou Czech fast appliances maintenance, and Wenzhou appliances maintenance, and Wenzhou electrical maintenance, and Wenzhou appliances door maintenance, and Wenzhou appliances maintenance phone, and Wenzhou air conditioning maintenance, and Wenzhou TV maintenance, and Wenzhou washing machine maintenance, and Wenzhou refrigerator maintenance, and Wenzhou air conditioning moved machine, and Wenzhou water heater maintenance, and Wenzhou gas maintenance, and Wenzhou fume machine maintenance, striving for first-class, and to letter for this, and to quality survival of purposes target. Wenzhou sunshine
appliance repair center with professional technology, meticulous worry-free service by the recognition and praise of our customers. In order to offer our customers better service, not only maintaining norms established, service commitments, and set up dedicated telephone, you can ensure the quality of customer service. Company, after many years in the electronics industry to hone and perfect, constantly absorbing advanced experience of modern management enterprise, after many years of experience in technology deposition, corresponding to each category of appliance industry products have a very accurate and efficient maintenance and repair. Wenzhou sunshine appliance repair center repair complete information, complete customer information to each visit.