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Apart from fridge odors and prevent refrigerator odors

Refrigerator after a long time, if disabled, is likely to cause odor in the refrigerator, if the odor is not very large, you can use neutral detergent to wipe the refrigerator cleaning clean, cool, dry, and use alcohol to wipe the refrigerator cleaning again, cool and dry.
with a soft cloth to wipe clean inside the box, then add half a glass of wine close the refrigerator door, after 24-28 hours will eliminate the smell. Also into activated carbon or deodorants and odor-resistant. Prevent odor produced need note following problem: refrigerator using a time Hou, box within easy produced odor, this main is because store food of residue long time left in box within, occurred corruption metamorphic and produced of odor,
prevent refrigerator produced odor of method has:
a, and food loaded bags storage;
II, and need in frozen room store of food, to put in frozen room;
three, and store with visceral of food to put visceral removed;
four, and health cooked food to separate store;
v, periodic cleaning clean the fridge;
six, try not to deactivate the refrigerator. BACK