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Refrigerator is best to use a separate triangular socket

Power jack, easy to use, economical, and many families like to use it, and some families still of refrigerators and other appliances plugged into the same socket, but do have a lot of unexpected hazards. A case study of color TV sets and refrigerators public:
color TV sets and refrigerators start the moment the currents are very large, is 5-10 times during normal operation the refrigerator, color TV is usually 7 to 10 times of use.
refrigerators, color TV sets start at the same time, sockets, wires will be unbearable, interact and cause harm. Meanwhile, starting and running the fridge will produce electromagnetic waves, TV interference, caused instability, the noise of the image. Therefore, in order to avoid mutual interference, color TV sets and refrigerators do not plug in a socket.
refrigerator and other electrical plug in with, also will produced similar problem, so refrigerator and other electrical cannot public a socket, refrigerator are is wire plug, home of socket is two eye of, can with, from refrigerator of security angle consider, refrigerator must has reliable grounding, is to with three eye socket, and is real grounding of, so with two eye socket certainly no grounding, is not security of, even with three eye socket, if inside only received two root line, is no grounding of, no grounding line security hidden is big, For refrigerators and other household appliances use a security risk and shorten appliance life electrical surface with electrostatic, unable to divert the release for a long time, prone to static electric spark caused by electrical arcing, fire hazardous to life and property; charged Earth wire, can cause danger correct way: the refrigerator must be grounded when used, if not grounded, contact a professional electrician. In addition, to be used in conjunction with this series of regular manufacturers plugs, sockets, and keep the refrigerator power cord is not damaged. BACK