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Home refrigerator clacking do

This sound may is condensation device issued to of sound, in refrigerator of using process in the, sometimes can heard condensation device issued of jitter sound or crackling sound, this sound more out now shutters type condensation device Shang, so this condensation device is will cooling tube extrusion in shutters type flat thermal tablets Shang, formed a overall, but in production process in the, or due to other reasons,, often caused cooling tube and thermal tablets Zhijian combined of firm sex variable poor, produced loose phenomenon.                             &Nbsp;            , in the operation of the compressor, because the condenser pipe changes there is a temperature difference between inside and outside, and thermal expansion coefficient of cooling tubes and fins are different, loosen the two, so as to produce a crackling sound, the use of sound is not affected for the time being the refrigerator, But in the long term under the ring, obnoxious, firstly to make the cooling tube breakage and cause refrigerant leaks.                             &Nbsp;                     This solution is simple, stop operation of the compressor, And 502 glue loose drop in cooling tubes and fins, and after a day of dry, and then start the compressor running, there will be no sound. BACK