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Home refrigerator is hot to the touch is what

Abnormal hot refrigerator is refrigerator condenser trouble, refrigerator condensers are used for cooling, it is generated by the refrigerator when refrigeration heat released into the surrounding environment. In the current design, there are two main ways, one is to hang it on the rear of the refrigerator, which are more common in early limited, another one is hiding on both sides of the refrigerator, which is a new way, its main purpose is beautiful and reduce the side panel of the condensing water.
when the refrigerator cooling at the same time, the condenser heating when freezer outage, cooling stops, the temperature of the condenser is slowly reduced, and temperature has dropped to lower than ambient temperature 2~3du (side panels).
in the summer, when can the two sides all feel the fever, but also has a higher temperature, and in other seasons, there may be no heat, this is because the small thermal loads, condensers are relatively large, so on the other side has and ambient temperature.
compared to the maximum temperature and the ambient temperature of the refrigerator condenser, generally about 10 degrees higher, if refrigerator is unusually hot, indicating cooling system problems, such problems are generally high system pressure, the temperature is high, usually air into the system, or the refrigerant charge too much, resulting in pressure is too high on the condensing side, forming high temperature. If running under high temperature refrigerator, may be hot to the touch, carefully distinguish between them. Generally less likely mixed with air in the fridge because there is air, refrigerator performance may be slow, freezing the indoor temperature is hard to reduce refrigerator won't stop. BACK