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Six of its own to resolve the refrigerator fault

First, how complete is not cold?
1. power outage;
2. refrigerator power plug is loose;
3. families without fuse power switch jump or switch fuse is broken
ER, cold enough?
1. is placed into the hot foods or refrigerator door often switch
2. whether the foods inside the refrigerator too much;
3. installation if there are problems, the heat sink behind the refrigerator or under
c, refrigerator how do external condensation?
refrigerator moisture much use, lateral condensation may be, this is not a fault, just use a dry cloth to wipe around and keep ventilation
SI, lower food freeze?
1. check the temperature control switch or the lower door switch, knob switch is in the right place
2. installation site if the temperature is below 5 degrees c below
3. is too much water, frozen food, placed in the inside of the bar
v, how can produce noise?
2 on solid, flat ground. refrigerator is placed against a wall
4 evaporation pan is placed in the correct location. While the compressor is running, there is the sound of the refrigerant flowing, this is expected
six, how can leakage?
check that the ground wire is connected and not connected, compressor running induction electrostatic, touch electric feel when a refrigerator, but not fatal. BACK