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Freezer not cooling two-very simple and you will

, Compressor does not stop
1, the temperature in the refrigerator is too high, that there are two cases:
first: first refrigeration system leak fluorine, that is no refrigerant, although the fridge has been running, but the temperature inside the box is not declining, after too long, food will go wrong inside the box, so to be repaired in a timely manner. Generally as long as the refrigerator are not new, this feeling is very slow, it is half in the freezer has Frost in the early, while the other half without cream, frosting is thick, long after, there will be no frost in the freezer when there may only water polo, high temperature inside the box. This refrigerator is difficult to repair because the leak is hard to find, so repairs can not keep a long time, if the leak was Zou found by oxygen welding can handle at this time.
second: high temperature because the evaporator frosting, which mainly wind-cooled refrigerators, refrigerator evaporator in only one, when after the frost on the evaporator does not melt, duct blockage, cold could not go out, so the refrigerator is not cooling. This behavior occurs because a defrost system problem, may be the defrost timer is faulty, or the heat has burned.
Second, the compressor does not start
1, refrigerators have no power, we can open the freezer door, if the lamp can be lit, shows the refrigerator, if it is not lit, you can check if the main power supply has power, and then check the refrigerator fuse (not all fridges have), and finally check thermostat contacts for problems.
2, whether the compressor is burnt out, you can check whether the motor burnt out, final check starter, sometimes overheat protector in action, take some time and let the compressor temperature drop before it can start. BACK