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Master said the refrigerator plug what was the matter

Prone to plugging the refrigerator where filter drier and capillary, design at the dry filter filter, and the capillary is pipe diameter too small.
the cause of oil plug is, after the oil block, poor flow, flow resistance, low refrigerant flow through, so that the pipe flow appears poor camel.
occur mainly due to line plugging is not clean, or wear of moving parts of the compressor, some impurities, or isolated oil-insoluble substance, such as paraffin, resulting in a pipe flow smooth.
in General rarely appeared at the condenser this phenomenon, of course does not mean it is impossible, this is the condenser tube diameter is smaller, refrigerant flows through the high speed, in a form such as on a wall for masonry material, and not considered in the design process, condensation pipe resistance is too large, is more likely to appear.
preferred check the capillary tube and the filter during the repair process, after you if you are sure, available nitrogen, and refrigerators can be inverted, blow out the oil in the tube. BACK