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Proper air conditioning cleaning habits

Only clean the filter screen is not enough heat sink cleaning and sanitizing is the key
cleaning of air conditioning in most families today usually only stay in filter level, in fact it is not able to completely clear the pollution caused by air conditioning. Because filters only filter part of the dust, there will still be some through filters of dust accumulate in heatsinks, and accumulated a lot of bacteria.
understand the real cause of air pollution, we can clean our air conditioning do 1 step at a time, clean the filter and the air conditioning heat sink for cleaning and disinfection, so as to effectively inhibit the bacteria to the heat sink of indoor air pollution.   
for 1 month
monthly cleansing and disinfecting air conditioning radiator air conditioning really clean
in addition to develop a habit of cleansing and disinfecting air conditioning more than 1 step at a time in addition to air conditioning heat sink for cleaning and disinfection are necessary on a regular basis. Annual seasons air conditioning before starting for the first time should thorough cleaning and disinfection, but air conditioning usage month as summer, because people sort of time in air-conditioned, indoor air quality directly affects our health, so you need to regularly clean the air conditioning. Easiest way is to air disinfection 1 times per month.
heat sink is not removable, and because of the particularity of its body, just a damp cloth, brush cleaning tool is of no use, but also easy to damage the heatsinks. In this regard, disinfecting air conditioning heat sink should use a formal air disinfectant, DIY can be easily done. Meanwhile, selected products need to have "National Ministry of health disinfection product certificate number", such sterilization effect can only be guaranteed. Plus, because of the dirt and germs on the heat sink is cleared, air conditioning and refrigeration effect is also better, it may be with only one arrow. Outside the
of course, in addition to addressing the sources of air pollution, air conditioning use, air conditioned rooms often open Windows, maintain good ventilation to reduce indoor air pollution. BACK