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Air conditioning disassembly matters needing attention

Air conditioning is a kind of "intermediate goods, if installed, height is not good, will bring about a series of problems." This affects not only the effects, also adds a lot of trouble.
first, start the installation location, should fully take into account spatial location and layout, so that reasonable, unobstructed airflow. The following places, it is better to avoid: place where flammable gas leaks or have a strong corrosive gas environment; where artificial electric field and magnetic field directly; tend to generate noise and vibration of places (such as: air conditioning in projecting balconies will produce a strong resonance and noise. Below the bedroom window, separated by a window, wall, will greatly reduce the noise. And reaches below the window, after cleaning, maintenance, air conditioning covers what are convenient), where harsh natural conditions (such as soot, sand is easily damaged, air conditioning, direct rays of the Sun are high-temperature heat source will make the air conditioner cooling not in time, air conditioner not cold); children's easy reach of.
Moreover, better not to install snow-rain.
Second, next to air conditioner outdoor unit should be as far away from doors and Windows and plants, from doors and Windows and the opposite party shall not be less than the following values: air conditioner rated cooling capacity is less than 4.5KW for 3 m, 4 m greater than 4.5KW.
third, the installation of the air conditioner should be robust, with sufficient carrying capacity. Mounting surface for the old wall or roof of a building, you must have the strength of solid brick, concrete or equivalent mounting surface. Hold the bracket should also pay attention to the quality of air conditioning.
Finally, pipelines connected to slow down a little. Purple air intake and exhaust pipe as conveying the blood circulation of the arteries, does not allow any defects such as pits, sand hole, otherwise it will make it not work. Its connection to the indoor and outdoor unit interface, is the key to air conditioning installation and best reflects the installer technical strengths and weaknesses. Trumpet connection to copper pipe alignment, straighten, and the bending must be reasonable and a compacted successfully, should be just right, strong twisting splits, small leak of fluorine (International leakage rate allowed is 3% to 5%). Through free space within the buildings air conditioners connection of the pipeline, the installation height should not be less than 2.5 m from the ground level.
unless the pipeline is attached to the ceiling installation or after the shower the approved. Air conditioning pipeline casing compensate for by brick and concrete structure, and proper insulation and support measures should be taken in order to prevent damage from vibration or corrosion, and should be checked on a regular basis. Connection pipes should not be blocked channels generally should be through the floor, roof, or electrical insulation and leak-proof and measures to be taken. Air conditioning installation moves of a range of issues, we have very good experience in junior high school, including the features have a profound understanding of brand air conditioning. We recommend that if you have installed air conditioning, or moving the machine be sure to select the regular air conditioning repair companies. BACK