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Origin of the refrigerator

Refrigerator (refrigerating machine): refers to the object to be cooled with a lower temperature heat transfers to the environmental medium in order to get a cold machine. Transfer heat from low temperature objects customarily referred to as cold. Participation process changes in the refrigerator (energy transfer and heat transfer) refrigerant known as refrigerant. Refrigeration temperatures are usually above 120K, 120K the following range of deep cryogenic technology. Refrigerators are widely used in industrial and agricultural production and daily life.
refrigerator, also known as "chillers". In 1834, United States J. Perkins, manufactured human turning used ether as refrigerant of refrigerator that can work. In 1844, the United States J. GE was developed using air as the working fluid chiller, ice and cooling air in the hospital. 1872-1874, d. Bell and C.von Lind, respectively in the United States and Germany invented the ammonia compressor, and made of ammonia vapor compression chillers, which is the originator of modern refrigerating. In the 1850 of the 19th century, France's brother Caleb has developed with sulfuric acid and water as the working fluid absorption refrigeration and ammonia absorption refrigerator. In 1910 there was a steam jet refrigerating machine. In 1930 there was a freon refrigerants, promoted the rapid development of refrigerating. In 1945, the United States successfully developed silver bromide absorption chiller.
according to the principle of refrigeration units can be divided into:
① compression chiller. Rely on the compressor effect refrigerant pressure in refrigeration cycle, by type of refrigerant can be divided into vapor-compression chiller (based on hydraulic evaporative cooling, the refrigerant gas-liquid phase transition periodical) and gas compression refrigerators (based on high pressure gas refrigeration, refrigerant is always in gaseous state) in two ways.
II absorption chillers. Rely on receiver-generator groups (thermochemical compressors) complete the refrigeration cycle, can be divided into ammonia absorption, lithium bromide absorption and diffusion-3.
③ steam jet refrigerating machine. Rely on the steam ejector (Jet compressors) complete the refrigeration cycle.
Black-TEC. Using semiconductor thermal-electric power production capacity.
refrigerator of main performance index has work temperature (on steam gas compression type refrigerator for evaporation temperature and condensation temperature, on gas compression type refrigerator and semiconductor refrigeration device for was cold objects of temperature and cooling media of temperature), refrigeration volume (Refrigerator units time within from was cooling objects moved to of heat), and power or consumption heat, and refrigeration coefficient (measure compression type refrigerator economic sex of index, A consumption unit can be cold) and heat transfer coefficient (measuring absorption-type steam jet refrigerating machine and economic indicators, means the unit consumption of heat can get cold). With a modern refrigerator most vapor-compression chiller applications. BACK