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Refrigeration compressor working principles

Piston type refrigeration compressor is windea one of the earliest models, now has become quite perfect. Piston-type compressors with a high-speed, cylinders, power adjustable, high thermal efficiency, suitable for a variety of refrigerants and other advantages; its wide scope of work pressure, can adapt to a wide range of energy and different occasions. The downside is: a more complex, required maintenance cycle is short, sensitive to wet stroke, wearing parts, pulse running vibration and poor balance. Classification of
piston type refrigeration compressor there are a variety of ways, according to the enclosed pattern is usually divided into open refrigeration compressor, semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors, hermetic refrigeration compressors in three categories.
screw refrigeration compressor
screw compressor not required for the piston compressor cylinder, Pistons, piston rings, cylinder liners, such as wearing parts, machine compact structure, small volume, light weight, no clearance volume, a small amount of liquid in the machine without liquid shock hazard. 10%~100% using live valve stepless capacity regulation, wide, smooth and reliable operation, required maintenance cycle is long, trouble-free run time up to (2~5) x104h. Due to the use of lubricants to improve cooling and sealing performance of the machine, the exhaust temperature, even if low evaporation temperatures (-40 c) and a higher compression ratio (about 25), you can still run at, that is within a certain range can replace two stage compression cycle. However, the machining and Assembly of screw refrigeration compressor requires high precision, not suitable for varied working conditions, there is a considerable amount of noise, in the General case, required device noise reduction and soundproofing equipment, refrigeration compression, which needs lubricating spray, and need oil pump, oil cooler and oil recovery device, more auxiliary equipment. BACK