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Advantages of drum-type washing machine

Advantages of drum-type washing machine
but many consumers will encounter a thorny problem – is buy a drum or wheel? Drum-type washing machine and washing than advantages in where? According to ice wash the appliance stores the relevant source, mainly in the following four aspects.
, high washing. Drum-type washing machine can heat your water, washing powder to make excellent decontamination capabilities.
II, small clothing wear. Clothing direct contact with inner tongue, formation of knead, beat, like hand-washing--this is the washing machine drum washing effect. It avoids impeller rotating flow on clothing of violent agitation, winding, no ropes, clothes wear, no deformation, can be washed wool, such as high-end clothing. Cardigan neckline after washing into the shoulder does not occur.
III, save water and electricity. Drum-type washing machine was by turning the drum for the washing effect, without having to rely on large amounts of water for washing, so it requires only water to dilute detergent, soaked clothing can, so can greatly reduce water consumption. Common washing machine is relying on rotating flow in washing clothes, so the water is relatively large.
four, save detergent. Due to less water, and drum-type washing machine can heat washing, washing powder to give full play to the effect of, so washing washing of just a small amount of detergent can achieve the desired concentration.
and common sense to maintain
1, washing machines should read this instruction manual carefully before use. When using the washing machine should be placed on a flat, solid surface, and must keep at least 5 cm away from walls and other goods.
2, washing, shall be according to the material, classification, partial color, the degree of dirt and washing.
3, laundry, to clear pockets of debris to prevent hard objects such as nails, coins, issuing into the pail; clothing should be cleared of sediment and sediment, and then into the pail; washing in the wool into yarn bag.
4, amount of detergent according to instructions into, not too much, so as not to rinse hard.
5, semi-automatic washing machine dehydration, uniform clothing should be placed as far as possible, then cover the dehydrated cover.
6, dehydrated after the dehydration barrel has been stopped before they can open a dehydration barrel cover.
7, semi-automatic washing machines after use, drain switch knob should be in the "off" position.
8, the washing machine should be placed in a dry and ventilated place, keep away from heat source, or in bathrooms and other wet places, do not place in direct sunlight or is likely to be caught in the rain.
9, washing machine, do not run for a long time.
10, and after the completion of each should be clean of hair, lint and other debris in the filter.
11, please use a neutral detergent to clean the washer.
II, safety
1, washing machines safe to use rated voltage 220V, 50Hz, outside this range motors can be easily damaged.
2, a socket must not use multiple electrical devices, so as to avoid fluid overload.
3, the first time you use the washing machine, check that the washer is safe ground, otherwise electric shock may occur.
4, all impregnated with flammable solvents (such as gasoline, solvents, etc), all barrels shall not be put into the Laundry bin or dehydration.
5, washing machines use, please do not use flammable solvents placed around the washing machine or) such as spray, spray paint, paint, organic solvents such as petrol).
6, such as found in washing machine works abnormal voice, does not start, speed noticeably slower, smoke, leak, leakage, smell, immediately cut off the power supply, troubleshooting before use.
7, do not charge for laundry facilities maintenance to avoid electrical shock hazards.
8, cleaning the washing machine, please do not wash with water (especially the control panel).
9, washer or dehydration barrel does not stop rotating completely, please do not open the cover, to avoid danger!
10, please do not put more than 50 degree water directly into the washing machine to avoid laundry deformation aging barrels and sealing ring.
11, use of the washing machine, do not allow children to visit washing barrel barrel or dehydration, avoid danger!
12 Please do not place weights above the washing machine, so as not to damage the washer.
13, used after the power plug must be disconnected, so as not to make the washing machine is on standby for a long time.
14, do not place heavy objects on the power cord or squeeze the power cable the washing machine is not allowed.
15, washing machine needs repair, please contact your local technical service center, or professional and technical qualifications of personnel to repair BACK