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Learn to use fridge, fridge live longer

If you want to extended service life is to learn to clean up the refrigerator the refrigerator, was cleaning the refrigerator Panel, cut off the refrigerator after power, use a soft cloth dipped in water (you can also match with a few utensils not corrosive detergent) gently.
Note to scrub the refrigerator, refrigerator and are found in many places on the surface coating layer, there is a lot of plastic parts, use corrosive detergents must not be used, by using soft cloth, do not use steel wool, tools, especially electrical parts use a dry cloth to wipe the surface.
in addition, there is a place not to be ignored is the refrigerator important refrigeration parts compressor and condenser, into the long-term use may be stained with dirt, it will affect cooling, so regular cleaning is required, otherwise it will lead to shortened service life, refrigeration effect is weakened. These important electrical cleaning be sure to note that must cut off the power supply before cleaning, clean with a soft dry cloth. BACK