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Tropical fruit, don't just put them in the fridge

While many consumers go to the supermarket, always like to buy Dragon fruit, tropical fruits such as mango, papaya, but once these fruits after buying the home refrigerator, dark spots begin to appear within a few days, what's going on? From Hangzhou refrigerator repair you descend below:
consumers often do not know much about the characteristics of tropical fruits, in fact, most of them more sensitive to cold, not suitable for cold storage in the fridge. Skin depressions, some dark brown spotting, then fruit were frostbitten. Frozen fruit nutrients not only destroyed, are very perishable. A couple of days, the brown colour of the flesh, and begins to rot.
of tropical, subtropical fruits became afraid of low temperatures, and their growth area and climate. Generally speaking, in warmer areas, especially in summer the fruits of growth, in colder climates than areas of growth and autumn fruits less resistance to low temperature.
so, some temperate fruit, as grape, and Apple, and pear, put in refrigerator in can up to preservation of role, and banana and mango in more than 10 degrees Celsius of temperature Xia save, Peel on will variable black; pineapple in 6 ℃-10 ℃ Xia save, not only Peel will color, pulp also will is water dip-like; Lai Chi Kok and longan, and Red Mao Dan, in 1 ℃-2 ℃ Xia save, outside Peel color will variable dark, within Peel is will appeared some like Burns has as of spots, such of fruit often cannot again eat.
daily life, tropical fruits are best in a dark, cool place store, if you have in the refrigerator, should be placed at a higher temperature in the vegetable and fruit slot, do not save more than two days. Some bought when not ripe tropical fruit, such as banana blue in the color and so on, worse cold, so it is best not to put into the refrigerator. Otherwise, they not only do not mature properly, will rot inedible. Tropical fruits from the refrigerator after removal, normal temperatures will accelerate the deterioration, so eat as soon as possible. BACK