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Teach you how to except the refrigerator freezes

Freezer frost or frozen beans back is normal, because the back freezer refrigeration components, this winter and frost on the glass is a reason, sometimes due to environmental humidity might formed ice, stopping off when temperature rise will be automated from the outlet flow.
found refrigerated icing or frosting thicker on the back, pay attention to the following:
first, to minimize the number of doors and open the fridge.
Second, the refrigerator door must be checked after the door is locked to prevent the door seal flashing seam leakage.
three, and freezer foods there is a gap, with particular attention to food not in cold storage tank on the back wall.
in the summer, due to the humidity, Frost was faster, normally a month best to clear up the freezer pipes and drawers, defrosting the defrosting of the refrigerator is equipped with the best shovel, without defrosting scoop, plastic components, must not use the sharp metal to prevent damage to the tank or piping.
recommend natural melting or pot of hot water, or use fans to help the defrosting, because the hard plastic devices also can be damaged by the pipeline. Winter may be appropriately extended time defrost, defrost when the refrigerator cleaning wipe.

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