Wenzhou Jiexun Appliance Repair CenterWenzhou Jiexun Appliance Repair Center
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Service project

Air conditioning repair

To service brand has: Haier, gree, beauty of, Panasonic, Chunlan, kelon, aux, big gold, small Swan, Hitachi, China treasure, sharp, CHANGHONG, grid blue official, three ocean, double deer, o Ke Ma, Hisense, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Iraq Rai grams Republika, Kang Baien, open Lee, York, jinsong, AUX, records high, TCL,LG, Fujitsu, China ling, St, welcome yan, General, YOUK, St, power, brand air conditioning maintenance, disassembly, maintenance. Gold company, sincere service, quality guaranteed! Company commitment: air conditioning entry {move} a year, air conditioning repair warranty for three months (all employees holding a certificate of repair).

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